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Welcome to La Postma House!!!  We trust you will enjoy your stay with us.  Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

About Us

Situated in Postmasburg in the Northern Cape, and our names are Annatjie and Gordon, we would like to show our real Kalahari hospitality by inviting you into our home. We offer a friendly environment and truly welcoming atmosphere.  La Postma House is set on a quiet street and promise to be an unforgettable experience. Offering accommodation our guests are treated as friends of the family and therefore have the freedom to relax in the open-plan lounge, dining, TV room and well equipped kitchen.  Deliciously home-cooked meals will urge you to come back for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Rooms are strictly non-smoking. Guests are more than welcome to smoke outside.  Limited secure Parking, DSTV in all the rooms, fan/air conditioners, desk, two-prolonged points, microwaves in some rooms, fridge, kettle, biscuits/or cookies, cereals, yoghurt, juices, fruit and en-suite bathroom with shower, toilet, basin.  Re-chargeable lights, Laundry Service, Conference room and  Card facility available.


Breakfast/Lunch Box/Dinner

Welcome to have a Cereal breakfast in the morning, available in rooms. (Cereals, yoghurt, juice and fruit)

Lunch box            On request

Dinner                   On request        From 18:00 to 19:00

Home-cooked dinners are served in the evening (bookings essential).


Times of Arrival & Departure

Arrival                   From 16:00 and 18:00 (A fee will be charged for all late arrivals)

Departure            Between 09:00 and 10:00



Facilities at La Postma House are for checked-in paying guests only.  Only guests who have been booked in

are allowed to stay in the House. 


La Postma House offers 8 individually decorated rooms that can altogether accommodate 15 guests.  



Should you wish to entertain friends or family, please discuss with owners prior to their arrival.  We reserved the right to charge the individual or company.  Due to security reasons NO other people will be allowed to stay overnight unless prior arrangements have been made.  To stay with your friend or outsider without notice is prohibited. We reserved the right to charge the individual or company or to ask these people to leave the premises.  NO visitors are allowed unless prior arrangements have been made. The guest who causes displeasure to someone or goes against proper religious and cultural etiquette is subject to be checked out immediately. 



Please consider other guests; 

  • Please consider other guests when watching late night movies.

  • Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in rooms.   Welcome to smoke outside where it does not offend other guests.  A fee of R1000 will be charged if smoked in room.

  • Since we are situated in a residential area, we request that you reduce the noise after 10pm.  Please keep all noise levels to a minimum during this time.

  • Neither accommodation, breakfast or dinner is not transferable – it is for checked-in paying guests only.  If you cannot make dinner or stay the night, you cannot invite a friend or family member to take your place.

  • Drinking is permitted in La Postma House, before 10pm.  After 10pm, it is NOT allowed.  Drink responsibly, to stay sober and to acknowledge the right of other guests to peace and harmony.  Please remove all glasses, bottles or tins before going to your room.  On Sundays limited drinking to allow other guests to rest for the next week.


Outside Rooms

Room 1-4     Equipped with two ¾ beds. 

                      The sliding doors of these rooms opened to the well looked garden. 

Room 5        A private room offers one ¾ bed.

Room 6        This beautiful room is one of his kind at La Postma House with tached roof with a double bed

Room 7        On Top is a private room, equipped with a double bed and small private lounge,    Four sliding doors in                         total in room, but only three with balconies, allows a beautiful view over Postmasburg, Vlei and garden                         area. An ideal room for honey mooners!!!!!!!!!!

Room 8       This beautiful and spacious room is equipped with two ¾ beds. 


Servicing of Rooms

Rooms are serviced  daily, (from Monday to Sunday) and offer a clean environment with fresh linen and towels. 

We request that you vacate your room by 09h00 to enable us to do so.   If you have not vacated, your room will

not be serviced.    In case of unneeded excessive cleaning on departure a fee will be charged to guest/company. 

If paid for one bed please DO not mess on other bed otherwise you will be responsible for extra cleaning.   

Please keep dirty shoes or socks of beds or curtains.



Guest will be responsible for any damage or breakage to any property belonging to La Postma through your carelessness. We reserve the right to charge any individual or company for damage to property. In case you accompany your kids, you should be fully responsible and liable for any injury, harm, property loss, or damage caused by your child during the stay.  Valuables should be kept under safe custody.  La Postma will not accept responsible for any loss or claims.


Room Key/Remotes (TV, Aircon, Decoder)
Any lost key or remote must be reported immediately and replacement will be for your account. 

Gate Remote Control

For security reasons we request that you do not leave main entrance gate open when leaving. Do not open gate for anyone.  The owners will let them in.  For your own safety and other guests, ensure that gate is properly closed! Any damages to gate will be charged to guest/company.

Laundry Rate (Washing & Ironing)

Washing and ironing of Laundry facilities are available.  We will take every precaution to ensure your clothes are

returned to you in perfect condition.  We are not responsible for any clothing damage or articles left, lost or stolen.

NO washing or hanging of wet clothes is allowed in rooms.


Satellite television is available in rooms.  Please consider the other guests when watching late night movies.  Please

leave all remotes in rooms.  


Electricity & Water

Please assist to save power at La Postma House knowing of Eskom demand shortage of KW’s and continuous load

shedding.  Please TURN OFF air conditioner and lights when not in use and especially when out of rooms. Care

may be taken to see that there is NO wastage of water.  Electricity is expensive when wasted.


Plugs, Adaptors & LED Rechargable Lights

Plugs/adaptors and extension have been placed in all rooms.   Rechargable lights with charger are placed on charge in rooms in the event of power outages.  Please keep on charge at all times.  Please do not remove them from premises.



Water is precious; please help us save water by re-using your towels.  



Limited secured parking is available on a first come first serve basis. Please do not block the driveway.

-     Limited secured parking is available on a first come first serve basis.

-     Please note that secure parking is at this stage free, so please accommodate each other.

-     If going to work early, please do not park at the front, wait a while and then bring in your vehicle.

-     Parking areas is not marked but poles are a guideline.  The back of the vehicle must please be inside the parking        area.  If not the person behind you cannot move out so easily especially if it is a big vehicle or LDV. 

-     NO visitors are allowed to park inside La Postma House.

-     Vehichles: no responsibility will be taken for any loss to property or damage to vehicles or injury to persons due        to fire, theft or any other cause whatsoever while on our premises.



Directions to La Postma House

GPS:         Postmasburg              S28 19 53.7 E23 03 48.9

                 22 Tuinstreet East      S28 19 40.50 E23 04 26.10




Payment - in advance

After invoicing proof of payment must being e-mailed as soon as possible.  Only paid reservations are guaranteed.

Prior to guests arrival, please e-mail proof of payment to or guest will be responsible for payment of accommodation.


Braai/Barbeque area, Swimming Pool &

Braai & Conference area

A braai/barbeque area is available for your convenience at swimming pool area. 

Welcome to use these areas, but a fee is charged!!


Conference Area

An inside braai at the back with a Welcome Dover oven for the extreme winter periods facing the conference room with 2 TV’s specially for big groups. 


Swimming Pool Towels

Please do not use the rooms towels, asked for swimming pool towels.  Only guests wearing swimming clothes are allowed to swim.  No exception will be made!!!!   



The pool is not fenced off, and we are not responsible for your children, so please take care to monitor your children all the time!!  


Waiver of Liability

La Postma House is not liable for any injuries, damages or loss of valuable items occurred at our establishment and shall not accept responsibility for any Claims what so ever. 



We look forward to having you back soon

Kind regards

Gordon and Annatjie Lachenicht

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